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The service included in the standard booths:
Space Rental,Booths construction, Two spot lights, Company and Logo printing and pasting on the company lintel,water, electricity( If more than 500W, the exhibitor needs to apply to the venue administrator), a 220V socket, two chairs and one table, floor ground cleaning service, security service.
We will provide necessary business invitation letter to the exhibitors and assist exhibitors to get visa from China embassy
We will assist exhibitors to transport exhibits and samples, we will provide customs clearance consultancy service and assist our exhibitors clear customs
We will provide product related distributor contacts information to our exhibitors
We will provide consultancy to the exhibitors for the opening business in mainland China
We help our exhibitors book air tickets and hotels
We assist our our foreign customers look for the right interpreters and translators
We will help our exhibitors make schedule for the tourism and business trip 
We will recommend trustworthy recognization companies to our exhibitors if our customer products is to be recognized in China market. 
Exhibitor company or product brief introduction will be published on our expo magazine for free
We will make sure our exhibitors enjoy discounted price or good service from our media partners if exhibitors intend to do some Ads on our media partner channels.
1.The service of Standard booths and Luxury booths are the same, but Luxury Booths have better image and Company Logo and position. Space only booths provide raw space only, the booths is to be designed and constructed by exhibitors themselves. We would like to recommend our appointed construction company to do it. Other service is the same as standard booth’s.  豪华展位和标准展位所提供的服务相同,但是提供更好的形象搭建和公司楣板Logo.特装展位仅提供场地,由客户自己设计搭建展位,但是我们可以提供指定搭建商并予以协助,其他服务与标准展位所提供的服务相同。
2.If some service is to be paid to the service providers, exhibitors should negotiate the price and details with service providers directly and pay the fee timely. Our company only recommend the related service providers, exhibitors should negotiate with service providers and decide which providers or service to be used on its own judgment. Our company will not take any extra responsibility for those service. 以上服务,需要客户向相应服务提供商或者个人支付费用的,展商应该及时和服务商或者服务提供者协商好并及时支付相关费用。本公司仅负责推荐协助,由展商和服务商或者服务提供者双方自行决定是否合作,并承担相应的责任,本公司并不因此而承担额外责任。
3.Our company will not provide any possible law breakage service to any exhibitors. 本公司不提供任何违反中国法律的服务,敬请理解。


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